Dr. Dušan Ristanović

Professor of Medical Biophysics,

Department of Biophysics Faculty of Medicine,

University of Belgrade,

Višegradska 26

11000 Belgrade, SERBIA

E-mail: dusan@ristanovic.com



Personal Details:


Born: 17 February 1933, Čačak, Serbia, in teacher's family. He is a Serb, an Orthodox
Education: University of Belgrade (Serbia), Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
  Military service: Served military service in 1957/58 (captain)
B.Sc in Physics (1957), M.Sc in Theoretical Physics (1967), PhD in Biology (1972)
Married Status: Married to Dr. Dusanka Djokic-Ristanovic, University prof. of General Physics, one son Ing. Dejan, Editor-in-Chief of the journal PC

Professional Background:


1958 - 1961: School Teacher in Electronics and Electrotechnics at the Electrotechnical High School Nikola Tesla (Gymnasium) in Belgrade
1960 - 1961: Research associate; Physics Department, Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade
1961 - 1968: Assistant Researcher; Physics Department, Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade
1968 - 1968: Research Fellow; serving with Professor D.M MacKay at the Department of Communication (now MacKay Institute of Communication and Neuroscience) University of Keele (England)
1969 - 1972: Assistant Researcher; Physics Department, Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade,
1972 - 1978: Assistant Professor of Medical Physics; Physics Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
1978 - 1984: Associate Professor of Biophysics; Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
1984 - 1998: Professor of Medical Biophysics; Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
1998: Retired



B.Sc thesis: The Einstein equations of gravitational field
M.Sc thesis: The Viener-Rosenblueth mathematical model of flutter and fibrillation
Ph.D thesis: Biophysical analysis and modeling of striate cortex electrogenesis

Membership in scientific societies


  • Member and Secretary of the Yugoslav Biophysical Association
  • Member of the Serbian Biophysical Society
  • Member of the Serbian Physical Society
  • Member of the Société Internationale de Biologie Mathématique (France)
  • Associated Member of the Serbian Society of Medicine
  • Member of the Editorial Board of The Fractal Laboratory Journal
  • Honorary member of Yugoslav society for clinical  physiology

List of projects previously co-ordinate (Funded research)


1976 - 1980: Biophysical analysis and modeling of bioelectric activity of the nervous system
1981 - 1985: Biophysical investigations of human organism functions and their diagnostic importance
1986 - 1990: The same (continued)
1991 - 1995: Biophysical analysis of phenomena in biological systems and their diagnostic implications
1996 - 2000: Histo-physical examinations of the nervous system
2001 - 2005 Membrane ionic transport (participant)
  2006 - 2010 Optimisation of the protocol of solid tumors treated with molecular and radiobiologic factors of prediction and prognosis as well as with the fractal analysis of mutual influence of used corresponding methods of therapy (participant)


Number of publications


  • Number of Refereed Publications:
  • Number of Publications in which Dr. Ristanović's Articles are Cited

Positions held


1978 – 1982: Head of the Department of Biophysics, Medical Faculty University of Belgrade
1978 – 1982: Staff scientist at the Institute for Biological Research in Belgrade
1986 – 1991: Expert of the Yugoslav committee for science and technology
1995 – 1997: Director of the Department of Biophysics, Medical School in Belgrade
1995 - 1999:

Staff scientist at the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade.


Academic Experience

Courses Taught (Undergraduate)


  • Introduction to Systems Theory, Information Theory and Sensory Processing
  • Biomechanics of human locomotion, Blood reology, Tissue as Relaxing and Creeping materials
  • Mechanics of musculoskeleton engineering
  • Heat and Thermodynamics of life
  • Introduction to bioacoustics, Use of ultrasound in diagnostics and therapy
  • Introduction to bioelectricity, Diathermy
  • Nuclear physics in Medicine
  • Biophysical studies involving light.

Courses Taught (Graduate)


  • Physical Medicine: Courses on Kinezitherapy, Thermotherapy, Electrotherapy and Magnetotherapy
  • Rheumatology: Introduction to biomechanics of locomotor system
  • Nuclear medicine: Nuclear reactions, Compartmental analysis

  • Cybernetics: Mathematical modeling, Analogous computer and programming, Elements of Bioregulation

  • Introduction to medicine: Thermodynamics of open systems, Introduction to bioenergetics, Introduction to membrane kinetics, Introduction to compartmental analysis
  • Introduction to science methods: Advanced Topics in Methodology of medical investigation, Experimental methodology in medical investigations, Technology of investigation in medicine.


Editorial Position and Reviewing


  • Young Physicist (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Serbian Archives of Medicine (Associate Editor)
  • Archives of Toxicology, Kinetics and Xenobiot Metabiotic Metabolism (Associate Editor)
  • The Fractal Laboratory Journal (a member of the Editorial)

Research Interest

Biophysics, Mathematical modeling of biological processes, Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, Biomechanics, Cardiology, (Patho)Physiology, Compartmental analysis, Use of nuclear isotopes in medicine, Biostatistics, Fitting the gtaphs to data and programming, Fractal and Sholl analysis, Fractal geometry, Acclimation to cold and thermogenesis in animals, Microelectrode registration of cell potentials, Computerised EEG analysis, Methodology of science


Significant Publications


About the author also at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du%C5%A1an_Ristanovi%C4%87

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